Juno Doll

Grand Opening is Imminent!

Yay, you found us! Right now, we are preparing the website to give our customers the very best shopping experience, but we aren't quite ready to launch just yet. We have some supplies we are waiting on to arrive in our brand new warehouse in North Carolina. We plan to open our website for orders in late February to March of 2022! We are excited to welcome all of you and look forward to meeting all of your doll making needs!

For questions you can email us directly at sales@junodoll.com

What is Juno Doll?

Junodoll.com is part of Planet Applique, Inc. We will be selling supplies for making cloth dolls with an emphasis on the Juno Doll pattern, however our supplies can be used on any doll making patterns. Here you will be able to find magnetic doll pacifiers, premium doll jersey fabrics, faux fur for wigs, quality easy to use plastic doll joints, and special thread for making dolls. We have big plans for future development including producing our own line of fabric and reinventing the doll joint to make it even better! We have lots of glorious goodies in the works.